Why a Blog?


This site is an attempt to track and document my journey, trying to operate and produce professionally looking  aerial videos using my drone “toolkit”.

My “toolkit” includes:

dji Phantom 1 quadcopter

GoPro HERO 3+ Black Edition

Airy brushless motor gimbal with tilt control

Extended landing gears

Camera gimbal spacer lowering kit

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) suite for editing and post production


Good question. As I started my journey recently, I learned that although Google is a great place to search for information, and YouTube is full of video blogs etc. it was hard for me to find specific input on basic needs. So I decided to create this blog to achieve two main goals, and one indirect goal:

Main Goal #1: Be able to share my story in a way that is fun to read and follow without posting random status updates and videos to Facebook that people have no context to, and make some fun of myself when I made some really stupid decisions…

Main Goal #2: Be able to share my technical learnings in an easy to digest way.

The Indirect goal is to force me to not neglect this hobby over time by having people comment and ask questions…

MY bigger GOAL

If I will succeed controlling my drone in a way that I’ll feel it actually behaves as my “virtual hand-held camera in the sky”, I hope to create a “bucket list” of locations to shoot with the drone, over all of Arizona, for a start, and create a unique video of all these locations from a new point of view that was never done before..

What’s with the name?

When I grew up, there was a documentary TV show called “The Fat with the Sony”. It was done by a reporter that was taking a camera with him to places, interviewing interesting people and making great TV while not taking himself too seriously. I always like it when people feel confident enough to make fun of themselves… which is what a big part of this blog is about. I believe that the ability to take life seriously only when you have to, but be able to make fun of yourself and not take yourself too seriously is the key to be successful in life and always be on the edge of your seat trying to learn something new vs. thinking that “you know it all”.

At first I thought of calling this blog “The Fat with the Phantom” but I quickly realized that Phantom might not be my only drone over the years, and I wanted the name to last longer than my first drone. As far as my weight goes… I’m not worried, I love to eat too much that I can maintain this part of the site’s name fairly easily… 😉


To learn more about me, read my blog’s archive as it illustrates the story of my aerial photography journey, start HERE


Raz Yalov (a.k.a. The Fat with the Drone)


Comments are always welcome…

Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with any of the products mentioned in it. I’m not a lawyer, but my intentions are simple, document my experience. All trademarks are owned and belong to the relevant companies, I have no ownership of any of them… blah blah blah…

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